COVID-19’s Impact to IT Investments

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COVID-19 Business Impact 90 Days in: Results from the April 2020 Flash Survey

COVID-19's Impact to IT Investments, April 2020, percentage of respondents – Majority (76%) of AmCham China members in April 2020 survey are increasing their IT investments, mainly to boost productivity and enhance customer relationships


  • Increase for Productivity – Three in ten of AmCham China member companies who answered question about COVID-19’s impact to IT investment said they are increasing spending to improve workforce productivity
  • Boost for Customer Service – One-fifth are raising IT costs to enhance more meaningful relationships with customers, while 10% are shifting offline revenues to digital channels
  • Raise for Improved Analytics – Less than 10% upgrading technology costs for better analytics to improve decision making
  • Reduce Overall Costs – Approximately 3-7% are adjusting IT spending to reduce overall costs or meet tight budget constraints
  • No Change in Spending – 19% said there will be no change in their IT investments

Note: Data from AmCham China’s 129 member companies who answered question in Flash Survey between April 13 and 17, 2020.

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Company: AmCham China
Categories: Business operations, Customers, relationships and channels, Remote work, Revenue protection and opportunities

Original publication date: April 29, 2020

Date last updated: May 5, 2020