A Resource Center for Leading and Managing Growth Companies Through the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis

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A Resource Center for Leading and Managing Growth Companies Through the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis


As COVID-19 infections grow exponentially around the world, resulting in unprecedented disruptions to people, economies, financial markets and businesses everywhere, we’ve been looking for trusted resources to help growth companies navigate through the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis. The good news is that there is an enormous amount of relevant advice out there; however, it is distributed across hundreds of different sites and not organized in an easy-to-find manner.

As a result, AcceleratingBiz has decided to refocus our research efforts in the short- to mid-term to provide this free, curated resource center of indicators, forecasts, advice, tool kits, financial assistance sources and other resources available to help CEOs and executive teams proactively lead and manage their organizations during this challenging period. While our team normally focuses on the impact of disruptive technologies on markets and business models, for the next weeks and months we plan to add as much value as we can in identifying, curating and synthesizing resources you can put to use immediately in your business.

We’re working to include summaries and links to the highest-value external resources that we identify, as well as include perspectives from many experienced advisors in our network. As a starting points, some of the resources you’ll find here include:

  • Perspectives. Points of view by AcceleratingBiz and our partners.
  • Economic Indicators and Forecasts. Updated economic and financial market key indicators and forecasts.
  • Management Advice. Summarized insights and ideas for leading and managing organizations in this time of crisis.
  • Financial Assistance. Curated list of funding sources to help businesses deal with the financial challenges brought about by this challenging period.
  • Tool Kit. Checklists, templates and methodologies you can use right away for your business.
  • Dedicated Third-Party Websites. Curated selection of third-party sites providing valuable COVID-19 resources.
  • COVID-19 Statistics and Forecasts. Real-time overview of global COVID-19 trends and events from third-party sources.

Given the urgency of the evolving situation, we’ve adopted a “lean design” approach in order to get the site up and running quickly, and thus it may be a bit rough around the edges in the near term. Bear with us, as we will evolve rapidly to best meet your needs.

Please help us evolve the site by sharing with us the business issues you’re struggling with, and the types of resources that would be most helpful to you and your colleagues. You can contact us at hello@acceleratingbiz.com or post your thoughts to our dedicated Twitter account, at https://twitter.com/acceleratingbiz. We will do our best to respond to your needs and evolve this dedicated capability quickly.

We look forward to getting through this period together, and to refocusing on growth opportunities sometime in the near future. In the meantime, be safe and stay healthy!

Randall Hancock, Founder and CEO, AcceleratingBiz

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Date last updated: April 3, 2020

Randall S. Hancock, Founder and CEO of AcceleratingBiz

Randy is a business strategist, exponential futurist and hardcore research analyst. He brings nearly three decades of experience as a strategy consultant, entrepreneur, general manager, corporate executive and thought leader to help executive teams anticipate, assess and address the market disruptions and opportunities impacting their business in today’s accelerating business environment. Randy has an MBA with distinction from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and an A.B. in economics from Harvard. When not hanging out with his partner or four children, you’ll find him wrestling with critical personal dilemmas like sous-vide versus BBQ, elliptical versus scuba diving, Netflix bingeing versus roadtrips, and red wine versus mangojitos.