Cboe Volatility Index

Cboe Volatility Index (measures 30-day volatility of S&P500 stocks) spiked to $66 in end of March 2020, with future contracts forecasted to slowly decline from $30 range through year end

2020 U.S. Same Store Retail Sales (Redbook Index) Year-over-Year

2020 U.S. Unemployment Insurance Initial Claims

U.S. Unemployment Rate

U.S. Federal Reserve said unemployment could reach 32.1%, totaling 47 million people in Q2 2020, eight times more than 4.4% in Q1 2020, and worse than Great Depression

U.S. 2020 Weekly Economic Index (WEI)

Based on U.S. WEI, 2020 Q2 GDP may drop between 10 to 11 percentage points from 2019 performance, after underlying metrics saw a drastic decline beginning in March primarily brought about by the COVID-19 crisis

U.S. GDP Quarter-on-Quarter Annualized Growth Rates

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche, and J.P. Morgan predicted U.S. GDP will decline by 38-40% in Q2 2020, with Deutsche revising by 27 percentage points from March forecast